Monday, February 18, 2008


Haven't posted in a good while, but there's an inverse relationship between the amount I post and the amount of social interaction I have with the outside world. In essence, I've been having a really heavy loaded week, a very good week. First up, big fucking news is there's a new Bangalter track circling the net like a baguette-eating vulture eyeying the thoroughly fucked carcass of a bedazzler. It's simply titled "Love" and has all that creamy filter house goodness.
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Many an interview has been had with DJ Falcon, a damn mysterious man, but nowhere near as Howard Hughesean as Bangalter, and Falcon has said that Roulé will in fact be coming back in 2008. Seems the whole crunchy French electro the Banger crew has been making has piched interest in a new house renaissance of sorts.

Alright, happy reading all of that? Well here's the thing. That Love track was dug into, and the true source was uprooted. Seems it's some up and coming, though super unknown Brit by the name of Louis La Roche, and he's getting all the flak for having his song distributed under the Bangalter pretense. I say that regardless of its origins, if there's new disco house being produced, it's awesome no matter its creator. So what if you've got to get it out by tacking on a big name to get some airplay.

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