Friday, January 4, 2008

Heavy Aching / Necessity To Crack Wrist

No reported death from clinically described insomnia has ever occurred. I can barely make it past 36 hours as it is, even with a thoroughly fucked up schedule. Apparently the longest recorded time of someone staying awake was 449 hours.

That's over 18 days.

Two and a half fucking weeks.

I am thoroughly baffled by the human body time and time again. Insomnia is a funny thing, as it's overly name-checked and cried by the majority of teendom as a condition so many suffer from, when in reality people just bitch about all of the distractions we put ourselves in front of. Fucking yes you won't go to bed at a decent hour if you've got a plethora of useless knowledge sitting five feet from your bed, plugged into your wall and connected to world.

Sleeping is a large part of natural life though, as it's pretty damn necessary for functioning at a relatively normal rate. A scary and relatively fucking secret disorder is FFI, which apparently is more rare than The Neverhood and the Butcher Cover combined.

You apparently just... don't sleep. Your homeostasis is disrupted, your body doesn't dig the new schedule, and within a few months, you're dead.

I think it's strange how this sort of information is so readily available to us all. Think of when it was first found in the early '70s. No one outside a very limited medical community was probably aware of this disease. Especially no one outside of the general region. Now here, a few decades later, I'm exposed to another fearful medical issue that has no way of harming me, but just lacing my already over thoughtful mind with new matter.

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