Wednesday, January 2, 2008

I Always Try To Bring Irony To A Firefight

My future plans of reversing my sleep schedule and becoming fully nocturnal are not too far off. It'd never amount to anything but horribly fucked up unless I had a group of others to rely on and stay up with though. Some day it will happen, something close to vampirism. With the opening of a 24/7 Walmart and a great length of activity to do each night, it's not out of the question.

Currently my schedule is set to falling asleep around 2:00 PM, waking up around 6:30 PM. With my hair now shaved close, I'm closing in on being a very streamlined human specimen.

New sleep schedules mean new dreams, as I hold to it that dreams come off more extreme if you have them without any sense of when you went to sleep, like this afternoon.

Though I've got shit dedicated to dreaming, might as well post the peaks of the misty remembrance of what went on during my sleep:

- Was on an elevated train for a good deal of dream, big cityscape.
- Visited a collectors store, argued the price of a Gene Simmons talking wall plaque.
- Had to say good bye to (apparently) a girl I loved, as it was very heartfelt, her leaving the train in semi-tears. (Good thing I have no clue who the fuck this was.)
- Two instances of having an "Iron Chef" cook off with friends, one dish of mine being French Bread pizza.
- Dismantled a very tall satellite relay tower in the offskirts of city, met a very attractive and sad android.
- Nearly fell off said tower.
- Had to fight enraged girl who's school was apparently massacred by a large group of androids, as she believed previously stated android girl was part of it.
- Fell down multiple stories of street level after earth-shattering air-strike called on section of city.
- Knelt under a train, waiting for this friend of a friend, who had recently turned into a dope fiend.

Overall, you can tell I need to get outdoors. Fast. At least I'm not seasonally affected yet (or was it anymore?)

Oh and on the subject of sleep, fuck sleep paralysis, my only real fear when it comes to awkward sleep patterns.

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