Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Packaging Tape Is The Loudest Sound On Home Video

I have time on my hands, and thought I didn't aim near enough the multitude of stereotypical blog related posts during this month, one being a re-cap of highs and lows of the past year.

This is damn hard for me because I've got a bad habit of not being able to consider much anything earlier than a few months ago. So this might be asymmetrically weighed on the more recent than pre-summer 2007. But 'fuck cares, right?

Anyway, an thoughtfully uncategorized selection of 'bests' & 'worsts'.

Anything vague or stupid sounding is there to protect my standings as a decent human being.


Best New Album Cover: Danger's "09/14/2007" EP

Worst New Pet Peeve: iTunes fucking stopping a currently playing album cause you're browsing around artists. (Probably fixable, but fuck)

Weirdest New Necessity: Having to miss every reflective bump on the road when changing lanes.

Best New Purchase: Laser Disc of Videodrome (Not true, as this was done like... a week ago, after New Years. (But again, fuck)

Best All Encompassing Experience: Eating corn in a bar with a drunk couple and shy poor postured English student in the depths of Montreal's night-life side.

Worst Luck: Leaving my bike on the side of town where a female cop said "hell I go to church by there, but I'd never leave my bike outside." Fucking fuckers. Fuck.

Best DJ Set Experience: Tie between Geoff playing The Cardigans more than once at a party, and SebastiAn being lifted above his decks by fellow Bangers to float above the crowd at the Daft Punk Afterparty.

Worst Smell: Whatever the fuck kind of perfume my mom puts on in excess (noticeable in car and in parent's bathroom)

Favorite New Dog: German Shepherd. (& this weird 1/2 sized brown husky thing this Asian kid walks around campus all the time.)

Worst New Powdered Medication To Obsess Over: Gold Bond Extra Strength Medicated Powder

Best Girl Experience: Finding an excuse to increase relationship status with two different girls in the same room a month apart.

Newly Respected Artist/Person: Tony Sinclair, Juan Maclean, Tom Hanks, Michael Mann

Most Adorable Text Message: My mom trying to figure out how to text, here's the message as it originally appears, to prove its cuteness:

"Hi john i miss you would you like to go out for a quick dinner wednesday and i can get your dirty clothes and mdOO ggg v giv df give you the shejkjj5 shelves you need for the baa coffee pot this is my first text message by myrself iljjj ill get better please call me love you mom uf"

Worst/Coolest Scene: Watching a dead discarded dog in someone's yard get slowly smaller and smaller in substance due to the large buzzard population near my house.

Favorite New Cereal: Quaker Oatmeal Squares. (Fucking unbelievable)

Most Desired eBay Items: '50s era helicopter pilot helmet, nice wooden laserdisc player, New Wave single, plain-backed black cafe racer jacket & Stephen Hawking's Hot Air Balloon if it were still up for bid.

Most Desired Transportation Device: A Honda Motocompo, or a Honda c50.

Newly Acquired Taste In Noise To Wake Up To: Fake rain from one of those Brookstone-y sound machines.

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