Friday, January 4, 2008

With Corn In The Field & Wheat In The Bins

One of the worst feelings, and a sadly common one, especially in a smaller city, is the chance happening of running into, or being in the general same vicinity of someone you're no longer acquaintances with. That awkward stiff glance at each other, with an uneasy knowledge that you both saw each other, and have nothing to say. You know deep down you'd like one of two things. A chance to make up what ever fissure of bullshit has made this interaction unbearable, or the ability to shoot their hopefully very dead corpse into the sun, never to be seen again.

Since one is a little more than your budget can handle, and the other out of reach, the heavy grudge (or lack of common public mingling) rests in the air about the whole place. Not to solve this in any easy way, but as a reminder of the countless lost friendships we will all endure over our life, I devised a device to keep our conscience buoyant in the sea of regret. At least to help show a little empathy towards each other.

The apparatus would just hang on your wall, as nondescript or homely as a coat rack. Out in the open, a constant reminder of a human no longer present in your daily thoughts. Yeah, you've got a lot of other things to think about these days, but it's still funny how people slip out of your limited abilities for compassion or decent amounts of thought. A plaque on the corner of the device's hanger would read the person's name, and a brief history of their importance or portrayal in your life.

It would attach to your face, and stay put with adjustable straps, four to be exact. They'd connect to a hoop, that was attached to a veritably infinite flexible tube. Inside this tube would be a reflective metallic-like surface, that would act as a mirror. Little perforations would run down the length of the tube, acting as air holes and lighting the interior.

The other end of this tube would be connected to an identical apparatus. This one would be in the possession of the person who you've fallen out of contact with. In essence, any given time you would look inside the tube, a distorted reflection of the person would be looking back at multiple angles inside. This is on the chance occurrence the person is trying to get in contact, or at the very least thinking of you as well. In a perfect representation, one would have an entire hallway dedicated to these people, in hopes of remembering or reconnecting their broken ties.

This way fuckers could never again act like they've never met you before, when you used to spend the night over at their place. The people whose mother's still ask how they're doing, and you know you have no idea.

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