Monday, December 24, 2007


So that being said, I've already noticed I'm going to abuse the ease of posting in this.

First subject: Timing.

One of the smallest things in life that excites me to no end, and it goes unnoticed almost immediately after it's occurred. Perhaps it's got a lot to do with my love for dance music, or just rhythm. Maybe that's just human nature.

What I'm talking about is when you're talking to some girl or something like that, and as you're talking you take your eyes off her for just a second or so, and out behind her you see a guy fall flat on his face, meandering his drunk ass down a set of stairs like a greased sea lion. For whatever reason you just happened to look up at the right time.

That sort of shit excites me far too much. Take my example of today; I was driving home from my father's house, just gazing out the windows as if the car needs no assistance in driving my distracted person home. I look to the right of the highway and laugh at this group of black kids playing basketball in a driveway, as there must've been at least a dozen or so on a pitiful cracked single car drive.

For whatever reason I adjusted my view to the exact opposite side of the road, and saw this giant pine rising high above all the others, but still just ordinary as ever looking. I then look up at a branch and see this hawk just perched up there, cleaning his wings with his little hawky tongue. (I actually have no idea how birds clean their feathers, look it up) So yeah...that's about all that happened. But I was amazed! Maybe I've just become some over-analyzing dolt, but for me to out-of-the-blue cock my head and see a hawk, that makes my day.

I also saw a dead dog moments later, way down a disheveled looking hunting path.

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