Monday, December 24, 2007


Van She, James Murphy,

Come clean, and by that I mean please refer somewhere to how you got the idea for a song.

By this I mean please validate I'm not looney for hearing other songs in your songs.

Listen to Van She's "Mission" off their EP, and just try and tell me you're not reminded of the Car's "Don't Cha Stop" off their eponymous debut.

And the other subject I'm trying to rat out, who's probably more of a candidate for this, is James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem. Get out your Kraftwerk collection and and play "The Robots" from their Man-Machine album. What's that? Yes! It's "Get Innocuous!" from LCD's Sound Of Silver album.

Funny how they're both opening tracks, eh?

So what if this is rambling, I'm sticking to it, and will find more soon enough.

[Side Note...or Bottom Note rather: is it wrong of me that when I was a kid (See: just a while back) I always thought eponymous meant something along the lines of 'magnum opus' or something similar. Glad that was straightened out.

Wouldn't it be fun to name your son Magnum Opis? 'Cept the bit about trying to explain to your other kids how he's not your favorite and you don't do favorites and all of that.]

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