Saturday, December 29, 2007

Konfidence In My Kraft

I experienced an unnatural amount of synchronicity tonight on my drive home. The night prior I had been driving home and noticed a insipid late '80s sports sedan blandfuck car pass in the opposite lane on the highway. The only thing memorable really was that its headlights and fog lights were on, but only the top right headlight and bottom left foglight were working. Anyway as I thought about this particular car, lo and behold, it starts heading towards me in the opposite lane, around the same time at night.

It was like a call and demand sort of affair, I mention its name, and it comes like an obedient dog.

From a distance and oncoming, it looked more akin to two motorcycles tailgating one another, almost abiding the 12" rule. It cast a sensationally tremendous order of luminance. The memory casts a thunderbolt of disturbing strength vertically down the stair-stepped structure of my vertebraeic column. Someone said I needed heftier words if I was to have my current subtitle. Fuck this.

Anyway, so yeah it looked cool in the dark.

1 comment:

Bradley said...

That someone was me. Yeah big words aren't necessary.